cholesto ONE

Is a natural ingredient formula that helps reduce total cholesterol & LDL and maintain good cardiovascular health.

Medicinal ingredients:

Phytosterol complex………………..…800 mg
(Beta-Sitosterol, Campesterol & Stigmasterol)
Deodorized Garlicextract .............
...200 mg
(allium sativum)

Direction: 1 tablet twice a day. or according to health care professional recommendation.

Note: to get a benefit, it is recommended to take this product with meals.

Cholesto One contains: 

-phytosterol complex: the effectiveness of phytosterolto reduce total cholesterol & LDL has been proven in several clinical studies.

-reduces total & LDL cholesterol

-supports total cholesterol already within normal level.
Supports cardiovascular health

-garlic extract: the effectiveness of deodorized garlic extract has been proven to maintain cardiovascular health.

Precaution: do not take this product prior and during pregnancy or breastfeeding.