Choose the safety for you and your family

Orpin Inc. is a Canadian company that was established in Montreal in 2019, our main goal is to provide a very high-quality product with a minimal side effects, great efficacy, and excellent absorption.

Our products are made of a remarkably high quality and well-studied raw materials. We have chosen the best ingredients, shown to be trustworthy, effective, and safe.

our passion for nature and belief in its extraordinary power has driven us to research, investigate and find the purest and highest quality ingredients to make the best, effective products adaptable to all lifestyles.

Our High Quality

All our products are manufactured in Canada at site licensed facilities. We use modern processing equipment to meet good manufacturing practices. All our products are approved, licensed according to Canadian health standards.

The power of branded ingredient

Our products are mainly made from patent raw material(s). we ensure the remarkably high quality of our products is maintained by using branded ingredients.

Our pure Ingredients

Our team of experts select only the branded and finest quality raw materials from our trusted suppliers. We review each certificate of analysis for the ingredients to ensure they meet our exact specifications of purity and potency.

Proudly Canadian

We are proud to be Canadian. all our natural products are developed by Canadian health care practitioners and manufactured in government approved Canadian facilities.

Our formulation

we stand out by selecting the latest formulation of the active ingredients. It is not only enough to use a dietary supplement that you need. but it is also important to know which active ingredients and formula it contains. These standard selections determine the efficacy, bioactivity, absorptions, and sides effects of the product.

By choosing Orpin products, you choose the safety for you and your family